The 4 reasons why real estate investment is better than stock – here is our take

real estate investment is better than stock

People are searching daily for the best investment they can do, not only that they are looking for something that will lift them from poverty but do you know that real estate investment is better than stock in some aspect. The most interesting part is even the rich folks are looking for ways to boost up their wealth with real estate.

Many of us what to know if real estate investment is better than stock, let get to know.

In recent times, investing in the stock market has been simplified, as we now have many financial apps that allow us to trade stock easily by ourselves.

In terms of real estate investment, it has become better than in previous years, as we now have companies giving chances for partnership.

The real estate market is very lucrative likewise the stock market but the stock only works best for the smart investor.

To make the best decisions, they are things you need to check, risk tolerance, personality, ongoing returns, and your intention for real estate or stocks.

As we said both markets are lucrative, we have a lot of wealthy people in both fields, this is simply telling you that real estate can make you rich likewise stocks, and bonds. 

Those who are looking to be financially independent should strive to own both but real estate is better of.

Why real estate investment is better than stock Investment

When you are looking to building wealth, real estate investment is better than stocks and our reasons are discussed below.

1) You are in control with real estate. 

Real estate investment makes you a CEO, take for instance a Landlord is a CEO of the house, and as the owner of the property he has control over making improvements within the house, cut costs, increase the rents, housed better tenants, and more to do.

If you like to take charge of things, it better to go for real estate than stocks. 

In stock investment, you are just a minor investor who invests in a public or private company and your faith hangs on them.

2) Solid Asset

Real estate can be seen, feel and use, and to acquire a higher quality of life, you must make real estate an asset. Those who have it as an asset enjoyed the benefits more especially during the pandemic when there is locked down everywhere. It is a good miss of survival and shelter.

Stocks on the other hand are just symbols and numbers on the screen, though they can be converted at any time, that is only when you are making profits.

The market can meltdown, anything can happen but real estate remains.

3) Source of pride and satisfaction. 

If you have taken the bold step many years ago and acquire properties, anytime you remember how those investment has appreciated over the years, your joy will have no limits, the smiles that come to your face will reflect some level of satisfaction and a pride to own a property.

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Your money is working for you, the risk you took overtime is paying every time.

The most interesting part that makes it better over stock is that you can pass the pride to your children.

 4) Real estate is everything you need 

In real estate, you know where you are putting your money as it allowed leveraging which means you can use other peoples money for your real estate and paid them anytime without running lose you want to and it all gives you the chance to building wealth with real estate is possible, just do it the right way.

People who can invest in real estate 
  • Those who take pride in ownership
  • Someone that like interacting with others
  • Someone who likes to be in control
  • Those who believe wealth is made up of real assets, not paper.
  • Never bother to change living location any time soon.
  • Someone who is not doing well or doesn’t like volatile environments.

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