Trusted Real Estate Investment Platforms In Nigeria For Properties investing

Real Estate Investment Platforms In Nigeria

If you are close to the internet, even when you are not told, you will know that the real estate sector in Nigeria is booming and it is becoming more popular with the opportunities it present to the common investors if you looking for real estate investment platforms in Nigeria continue reading with this article.

Just like another investing market where investors can have a play around with their money, real estate investing present the same opportunities but it has a proven record of success and the ability to build wealth for dedicated investors overtimes.

In the past it was nearly very impossible to invest in the real estate sector, those who were able to catch up with the investment opportunities it present are millionaires.

It is a place where 90% of the world’s millionaires earned their first million by investing in real estate, but now the story has changed for many investors with little capital can partake in the real estate investments in this current era.

Many investment platforms have come to close the bridge within the big and small real estate investors, so If you live in Nigeria and you are willing to invest money in real estate then you should consider using online real estate investment platforms in Nigeria with your little or big capital.

The international communities are not new to the real estate investment as they have them in abundance likewise some Nigerians aren’t also new to the real estate investment platforms. 

No need for larger capital to participate in real estate investments again as online real estate investment platforms in Nigeria provided a unique solution to real estate investment to make it easier for many people.

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There are loads of benefits for investors who use online real estate investment platforms in Nigeria, one of it that they make investing in real estate to be accessible to all who are ready to take a cut off the market.

Real estate investing may seem new in Nigeria and this may bring a lot of doubt to the safety and legitimacy of these platforms but we can guarantee that they are worthy to try. 

Online real estate investment platforms in Nigeria

Here are the best online real estate investment platforms in Nigeria that can help you begin your real estate investment career. is an online investment platform you can trust in Nigeria. They don’t just participate in real estate investment alone; they are treasury bills, stocks and mutual funds. 

The platform makes it easy to invest in real estate through its fractional property platform or by owning shares of Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) with them. 

The fractional property feature allows investors to pool money together and co-own real estate properties with other investors. You can own as many units as an investor is capable of.

The real estate properties you can invest in with are in two which are the commercial and residential properties, within the commercial section you can get to invest in office structures, shopping centres, student housing, and warehouses.

The fractional real estate investing interest rate is about 18.7% on the real estate investment platform.

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You can start your real estate investing with

Rise vest

Rise vest is another online investment platform that allows investors to participate in real estate investing, just like, Rise Vest allows people to also invest in stocks and fixed income assets. 

Rise vest is seen as one of the best real estate investment platforms in Nigeria that allows you to invest in a portfolio of real estate properties in the US with returns on investment paid in dollars, in form of rent and capital appreciation.

They buy US properties that are in high demand and then improve these properties and sell outright or rent them out

If you like to invest in real estate, and you don’t know where to go, Rise vest is a good place to tie your money. Rise vest US properties are insured against loss, damage and loss of rental income, just be rest assured that your money is safe. 

With Rise vest, you can buy a single unit or more on this real estate investment platform. the higher unit you buy the higher the returns you will have on your investment.


Coreum is the only real estate investment platform in Nigeria that focus solemnly on real estate investing, they don’t do stock likewise any other financial market than real estate. The site allows you an investor to invest in their fractional properties.

If you like to start investing in the real estate sector, you can go with Coreum and invest in Lands or residential properties with this real estate investment platform. 

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Each property on Coreum is divided into 100 units and you can purchase any units or choose and many as you like it to be.

The projected Return on investment on short term average annual yield for revenue-generating assets is 12.5% and long term capital gain assets are 35.6% and you can only start investing with a minimum amount of N50, 000 with Coreum. 

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