How To Make Huge Money Monthly With Real Estate Marketing As A Consultant

Real Estate Affiliate Marketing

Making money with the real estate business in Nigeria is becoming easier than before, there are lots of millionaires that don’t hustle much to make cash just by closing real deals within the four walls of a place, and they are living large.

If you will like to join others who are closing a good deal with the real estate business, the time is now and what you need to start with is real estate affiliate marketing.

In Nigeria, the real estate affiliate marketing business, is widely known as real estate networking marketing, don’t get confused, what it means is real estate marketing, it entails attracting customers to real estate companies and once a sale is concluded you earn a certain percentage of commission from the company.

Normally the real estate network marketing as they do call it, but preferable for better understanding I do call it real estate affiliate marketing.

The business model allows you to leverage on others peoples efforts, once they make sales, you are getting a little from the sales they made, since you were the one that referred them to the business.

The best part is that every member of the team gets their commission directly into their bank account. 

Real Estate Affiliate marketing

Real estate affiliate marketing takes place between a merchant which is the real estate company and a promoter/ marketer, which is you. Your work is to generate leads and translate them into sales for the merchant and get paid for it.

If you work as an affiliate marketer and participate in the real estate marketing program, you will get compensated by the real estate companies because you are marketing their products and services.

Before you can take part in any real estate affiliate marketing you need to register with a real estate Company, automatically once this is done, you have become a real estate consultant and that is where your journey to earning money starts from.

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Anytime you make a sales and your client make payment to the real estate company, as a real estate consultant to the company you qualified to receive a certain percentage of commission from the sales immediately. 

You don’t need to wait till the end of the week or a month before you get your pay.

This business can be done part-time or full time and earn passive income that can make you live the life you want.

The network marketing side of the business allows you to invite others to join your network and build a team of consultants and be successful at the business.

Difference between Real Estate Network and Other Network Marketing Business

  • It is completely free to join and make good money even with just one sale.
  • You are not placed under obligations to make sales each month
  • You can earn money even if you don’t make a sale from your downlines
  • Commission to every consultant on your team is the same and on the volume of sales  
  • The network marketing of the business is optional
  • You get your commission within 24hours of completing the transaction
  • You have nothing to lose if you don’t make any sales but you need a sale that is why you are in the business.

How to Become A Real Estate Affiliate Consultant

 To become an affiliate consultant In the real estate industry, you need to register with real estate companies, you can register with many real estate companies as you like, some make you an affiliate for free while some companies will charge you to become an affiliate.

You don’t need to opt-in for the paid ones if you don’t have the money, the paid ones are not better than the free ones.

 It is a well-known fact that most real estate companies that offer free registrations most times do better than ones that require you to pay before you can be an affiliate consultant.

Some of the companies I have on my list are free to join, you will be charged nothing and after your registration, you can start making sales, you will get nothing less than 15% to 25% commission on every transaction.

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How you can go about the registration and which companies are talking about, you will soon get it but first, let’s talk about how the money will come.

How Much Money Can You Be Making on Each Sale?

As a real estate consultant, your job requires you to help the company you are an affiliate for to close deals on properties, majorly you are looking for buyers through the use of digital platforms or traditional model. Once you closed a deal successfully you get rewarded with a commission for helping the company.

Most real estate companies will pay you 15%, some higher while some will pay you just 10% of the total price of the sold property. But whatever you are getting depends on what offers you are promoting.

Now let say, you sold land to a client at a 15% commission rate and the worth of the land is 4 million, as the consultant who brought the buyer, your commission would be; 

Let quickly run the math;

15*100*4,000,000) = 600,000

Can you see how much you are making on just one sale, now Imagine you can pull 2 or 3 of this same property to sell in the same month, you made just made an amazing figure for the month.

if you repeat the process each month, calculate how much you are going to make per year just by being a real estate consultant.

The remarkable thing, about being a real estate consultant is that most property buyers you will come in contact with, we buy a property worth more than 2 million from you and you can still get compensated by the buyers if they like the services you have rendered to them aside from the commission you were given by the real estate company.

Real estate is a big business for those who know its value, you can’t just underestimate the power it has to make you wealthy.

You don’t need to doubt if a real estate company can pay you a huge sum worth of 30milion Naira just for helping them to close a deal. 

Know this fact that you can’t make more than the real estate companies, the money was given to you as a consultant is a token compare to what they have gained after selling the properties.

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Registering With Real Estate Companies

To register with real estate companies is very easy and straightforward, there are numerous out there but getting to find the reputable and high paying one is a little bit hard and it is going to require a whole lot of hard work from you.

I have come with a list of reputable real estate companies and high paying ones you can consult for, and the good part of all is that registering with these particular companies I will be recommending is free, and they pay 5% – 25% commission to their consultants.

Most of these companies are based in Lagos but that doesn’t mean, you can’t do your business from anywhere in Nigeria. 

How to Register And Become A Real Estate Consultant With These Companies

  •  You will need to chat with me on Whatsapp ( 09047747451) 
  • I will send you the registration links of all the companies
  • You will be added to a Whatsapp group where we talk strictly about real estate and how you can be a successful real estate consultant.
  • Some of these companies issue I.D Cards, You may get yours.
  • All resources and tools, title documents of the lands, pictures, videos of the sites will be shared with you on the Whatsapp group
  • With these, you are now a confirmed real estate consultant and you can start making money even from the first.

All you need to do is to pick your phone just as you will pick your Bible when going to the church on Sunday, your financial current situation can have a boost when you become a real estate consultant.

 Once Again, pick your phone, open your Whatsapp send me a message

  •  Your name 
  • Your phone number
  • Your state of residence

Say hi, I am interested to become a real estate consultant 

Once the information comes in, I will forward the registration link. Remember here, we always want you to be better with your finances and have a better future; this is one of the ways.

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