How To Rent A Car: 6 Steps To Know And Best Platforms To Hire

Rent a car

Having a car is the best but what if you have no money to get one at the present moment. You need to rent a car and move on with life.

Maybe you have a wedding to attend, a concert to show up, or other important places that you feel it is necessary to go in a car. You can still feel among the big dude and girls out there.

Gone at the days when getting a car to rent becomes a problem, car owners are worried not to get their cars stolen or broken, now it is easier to get a car to rent.

If a car must be rented out to you, there are steps and processes that you must follow to rent a car as no one will be willing to risk or lose his/ or her motor to the wrong hand. 

Steps To Rent a Car

  1. Have a valid driver license
  2. Check age restrictions
  3. Pick a rental car company
  4. Select the vehicle of your choice
  5. Have a valid form of payment
  6. Return the vehicle on time 

1. Have a valid driver license

Owner of cars and most car rental companies will only rent a car out, if the borrower has a valid driving license, If to rent a car, you must possess a valid driver’s license, you cannot get a car to rent if you don’t have one. An unexpired driver’s license will get you any car of choice you are expiring to hire.

Once presented, you can be granted the chance to hire a car, this driver’s license proves that you have a driving record for the rental company you are looking at renting from or to the individual car owner who is looking at chartering you a car. To rent a car you need a valid driver’s license, it can be neglected.

2. Check age restrictions

Age restrictions vary from rental company to company, one may decide to give a car out to an 18+-year-old age individual while another brand may have a ban on 18+ if you are looking to rent a car, check the age restrictions by the rental company.

It will help you know if you are qualified to hire a car from the rental company or not, this also goes for individual car owner rental, check with them if you can borrow a car.

In most countries, drivers as young as 18 can book to rent a car, some countries may not allow that. 

You need to check all age restrictions before booking to rent a car.

3. Pick a rental car company

Picking a rental company to rent a car from can be overwhelming, it can be disastrous especially when you are looking at getting the best rate. When you are trying to pick a rental company to use, there are five things you need to consider.

Never jump on a cheap offer:  cheaper isn’t always better, it might not be right for you, when you have thought you have the best rate, check the company reviews before going ahead to book.

Know the return grace period

If you got the car and it was a little late before getting the car back to the company, what is going to be your penalty? Is there any return grace period, these are things to know before jumping on the offer.

It is always better to be safe than sorry, check for rental companies that are going to give you a longer return period than a short time grace.

If you renting a car, anything can lead to a delay in returning the car, if a longer return grace period is lacking, then you have to face the penalties.

It is always safe to go for companies that give longer return grace periods.

Verify if you will need add-on luxuries like additional seats for kids, GPS units, check if your worth of renting will cover up another add-one, or you will need a more inclusive rental package to meet your need in the car to be rented.

4. Picking Select the vehicle of your choice

Now that you have most things verified, it is time to select the vehicle you want to rent, one of the crucial things to know here is the cost of the car, do you have the money, another thing is that, does the car has all that you want.

When you are trying to pick a car, there are many to choose from, each will have a different price tag with different features, go for what meets your desire,e and get ready to go on a journey with the ride.

5. Have a reasonable form of payment

 The payment acceptable need to be checked if it goes inline you, the laydown mode of each rental company will vary from each other, it is necessary to know everything about the form of payment before you proceed to rent a car.

Sometimes, you may be willing to pay half of the total package and once you return the car, you balance up, this may not be cool with the rental company as most will prefer all bills are settled before you move the car.

It is mandatory to know if the company form of payment is acceptable to you.

6. Return the vehicle on time 

Every rental company always want their car to be returned on time, well if you failed to bring it back at the stipulated period, you have extra bills to settle for the late returns, and this may deprive you of getting a great deal when next you need such a service from the company.

When you rent a car, make sure you get it back to the companies on time, this will save you from paying extra money to the rental company and they earn your trust for other future deals.

Best Car Rental Platforms to Hire a Car

If you are looking to rent a car, check great deals with Sixt, Avis, Kayak, and economybooking

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