Second Language Skill That Guarantees To Make You Money

second language skill

Are you fluent in another language or maybe over the years you have taken enough time to learn a new language, it is time to start making some cash using a second language skill you have.

The second language you can start making money from may not necessarily be from known languages in your country, it may be a foreign language, it only takes some time and effort to learn a new skill through studying

The second language takes intensive study and requires a native speaker to learn from because to be fluent at it comes with a price to pay.

Any foreign language can be your side hustle if you have the skill in your toolbox, there are plenty of ways to monetize it.

A new language you just acquire can be the side hustle that makes you some money remotely.

However, many of the remote side hustle you will find in the field of language can be built into a full-time career.

A second language skill can make you money

Your second language side hustle begins now, get the 3 ways you can start and make a residual income.


Become an interpreter, the job of an interpreter is to facilitate communication between two speakers of different languages.

It works best when you know the cultural norms in both languages because Interpreting involves more than being fluent, you will need to step into cultural norms in your interpretation.

Language interpreting jobs can be done remotely on Zoom or other social conferencing platforms. 

Does interpreting a job guarantee an income?

As an Interpreter, you can make a decent living, it all depends on the provincial demand for your second language, this is what determines how much you are going to be making but on the average, you can be making up 3 to 5k per hour in Nigeria. 

Legal cooperation that meets all the state requirements to work in legal settings can make anywhere from 10 to 20k per hour.

You can make interpreting your new side hustle as it allows you to to pick up jobs that fit your schedule.

 Most interpreters work as an independent contractor through an agency.

If you’re looking for a full-time job, though, there often aren’t benefits when you work with an agency. Plus, work availability can ebb and flow.

If you work as an interpreter directly as a full-time government employee, your hours are more likely to be predictable and you’ll have access to benefits. Though your per-hour pay is maybe a little lower than freelance rates.


A translator deals with tests, when you translate, you don’t work with live people, it is you and texts.

Becoming a translator goes beyond reading another language. You need to understand poetry, nuance and idioms in both the source and target language to be successful.

How much can you make as a translator?

Level of experience and location determines your earning potential. Translators often work on a per-word basis, not like interpreting where you work on an hourly basis but there is a growing trend to move to an hourly pricing pattern.

A professional translator can translate 400-600 words per hour and makeup to 10k per hour, 

If you’re just starting you will earn just a little, you earn more as you gathered more experience in the field.


The demand for a tutor has increased over time, you can also benefit from it through your second language, you can start tutoring native-English-speaking students in a second language if you are bilingual. 

The highest pay demand for a language tutor is English, you can go for it.

How much can you make as a foreign language tutor?

You can start your language tutoring on many online platforms and you can work remotely, most these platforms can pay you 10k to 30k per hour. 

The more experience you have, the higher you get paid.

You should be able to achieve pay of $15 per hour on some of these virtual platforms even without a background in the classroom.

These side hustles are the biggest and easiest ways to earn money from any second language backing up with credentials gives you the chance to earn more.

This is a miss to potentially earn more residual income.

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