3 new ways to sell travel photos and make money

different ways to sell travel photos

Making money with your photos can be doubting, it is because many of us don’t know that this can bring some money into our pocket. How to sell travel photos will do the magic by helping you to make extra cash even while you are sleep.

Travelling all around the world, or some places in the local shouldn’t go without making some cash with it.

The beautiful moments have been enjoyed by you and there you have some documentary of the whole events that folded hanging in your home.

When you need some extra cash think straight and the go-ahead to sell some of your beautiful memories online and this will give you some money.

3 different ways to Sell travel photos

Sell travel photos

How is that possible,  when you know how to sell travel photos online then you are going to be making some money? 

Some sites allow you to make extra cash, you can even go beyond just selling to sites, below we have revealed some possible ways.

1. Sell Photos to a Stock Agency

One of the very best ways to make some cash with your travel photos is to sell to a stock agency, do you know that there are some stock agencies online that make selling your photos easy?

Most of these sites are international companies but don’t get worried you can use them right from Nigeria.

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What is needed from you by these companies is to upload a high-resolution version of your images to their website.

You are thinking how you can make money, the stock agency will do the magic by connecting your images to shoppers around the world, who are looking for photos to use for a purpose, you earn a royalty for every sale.

Carefully select the agency to work with at the first instance, you may not be able to upload your images in more than one site.

Some agency will pay you pennies, look for agencies that can pay up to $100+ per photo.

2. Sell Photos to Travel Magazines or e-commerce sites

This is another way to make money, you can sell your photos to travel magazines, most photographers make money with this model and you can join too by selling your own best and amazing photos to magazines in your local or anywhere around the world, we mentioned e-commerce on the heading text, you can sell your image to them too and make some cash.

Most magazines and e-commerce will pay you between $75 and $400 per photo.

3. Sell Prints or Novelty Items

Your travel photography can make you some cash by selling prints or novelty items with your photograph printed on them.

This is what we’re saying, your photo can be used on coffee mugs, magnets, coasters, ceramic tiles and more. You can also sell photo prints, and you get to keep 85% of the profit.

To make the most profits, sell your photography on Etsy. This platform will pay you 96.5% of each sale minus $0.20.

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