Top 9 Small Scale Business Ideas For New Aspiring Online Entrepreneurs

online small scale business ideas

If nothing is chasing you to start an online small business before now, the rapid change in traditional businesses will make you think to consider one someday, don’t be intimidated by big brands they all started one day, some began even smaller than you could think. If you are an aspiring online entrepreneur there are small scale business ideas you can explore.

If you must know, small businesses are the backbone of our economy, you can help contribute to the growth of the nation and earn your money from doing so.

Dozens of online business ideas have a big potential to become bigger in the next few years if done well.

Most business owners are happy for taken the bold step to start a business as it gives them freedom and the ability to scale up their business to suit their desire lifestyle.

Not everyone likes to be an entrepreneur, the journey may not be for everyone, but in this era where one source of income becomes an issue to put food on the table, looking for a way to earn extra income through the online business will be the best option to earn more money and get the desired freedom you ever wanted.

Online small scale business ideas

There are numerous online options you can choose from if you’re interested in running your own small-scale business, let quickly give you the 9 online small business you can start making money from, here are a few online business ideas to assess to make money.

1.Blog writer

Writing a piece of  content for blog owners or companies to share your thoughts with the world can be the best way to start a freelance writing business, if you like blogging you can proceed to create your blog and monetize it. 

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You can start to make money with your blog through advertising, creating courses, and eBooks to mention a few.

You need to have some technical skill to run a successful blog.

2. Virtual assistant

One of the quickest and easiest ways to start a small online business is through a virtual assistant, your job is to help other business owners with a variety of administrative tasks.

As a virtual assistant, some of the services you can provide for businesses are data entry, writing blog posts, travel booking and scheduling content for their social media pages.

The job can be started as full time or part-time, it all depends on how you want to run your business.

Finding a client is crucial to your success in this business but if you are willing and dedicate you can be landing your six-figure income every year with a virtual assistant business.

3. Proofreader

A proofreader spot mistakes and errors in a write-up, if you loving to proofread for others, then it is time to charge a fee for your service by starting a proofreading business.

Their many companies to work with as a proofreader and it us very lucrative when you take the business seriously.

Your job is to detect grammatical errors in writing documents.

We have professional proofreaders who are making a six-figure with the business and if you are determined you can earn like them.

4. Freelance writer

Freelance writers are involved in every aspect of writing ranging from blog posts and others, they make research and produced good content that converts for brands they are working with.

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If you consider that this small business type suit you, your services can be offered to websites owners, magazines, online journals, newspapers, and other businesses that may need your service, they pay you awesomely for service rendered for their brand. 

As a freelance writer, there are various online platforms you can work with you get your clients for free and land six-figure every year.

5. Social media manager

If your thing is social media, starting social media management online small business will be the best thing for you to earn money.

As social media managers, your job is to help companies create, schedule, and monitor their online presence on social media networks.

You are to create awareness for the businesses you are working with to help their social media grow and convert people to their customer.

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social media management is lucrative because a lot of small business like you want to grow and sell more on social networks but they don’t know how to go about it that is why you need to come in as a social media manager and make money from your services.

6. Facebook ads manager

For any business to succeed online these days there is a need to run some advertisements on social networks like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. 

Facebook ads become the winners among all as billions of people live on the platform.

 are an important part of many business owners’ marketing strategy, and you can start a small-scale business managing ads for those companies.

You’ll create the ads, manage the Facebook advertising budget, and monitor their performance by analyzing the data provided in the Facebook Ads Manager dashboard. If you’re interested in this small-scale business idea, consider signing up for a program like Bobby Hoyt’s Facebook Side Hustle Course.

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In nine separate modules, you’ll learn how to create effective ads, navigate the Facebook ads systems, establish campaigns, find your first clients, and price your services.

7. Resume writer and editor

Many job seeker hardly has a resume that got employer attention at first sight.

If you have experience in creating a resume and editing you can turn it into a small business helping job seekers to land their dream job.

This business can generate seven-figure in the first year because a lot of people need a professional resume writer.

8. SEO consultant

Search engine optimization consultant help website owners to rank their site on search engines like Google, Yahoo and other. 

The main objective of an SEO Consultant Is to help companies you are working with on how they can improve their search rankings and generate more organic traffic to their site.

It may sound too complicated, dont get bored there are numerous resources available online that can teach search engine optimisation for free and start a business with it once you have an experience.

9. Email marketing specialist

Email marketing specialist helps businesses and companies to create email marketing campaigns.

This is a small business idea that you can start from anywhere and get money coming in regularly.

Some of the task email specialists do include but not limited to formatting newsletters, proofreading, editing, creating graphics. 

Managing companies email lists, analyze statistics, or write press releases for those companies you work with.

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