Social Media For Small Business: The 13 Best Benefits of Social eCommerce Career

Social Media For Small Business

Social Commerce has been the latest trend all over the world in recent times, and we think Nigeria also needs to catch up with the trend, however, many do not know what social media for small business and social Commerce business is, how it can be done, there are lots of reasons to pay attention to Social Commerce business since social media for small business is meant for small and medium-sized businesses to strive just like the big guys running the empires.

You may likely want to start e-commerce and you don’t have the capital it requires to start, you feel more confident with doing your business on social media, the Social Commerce can save you money over the normal online e-commerce that we all know.

What is this social eCommerce, let deep into it a little bit for you to get Insights.

Shopping in one spot within the social networks and all interactive platforms are what we called social shopping and this can be achieved by creating social commerce where prospective buyers can place an order.

The rise in social media platforms brought the innovation, and since people are now closer to their phones than ever, smart entrepreneurs need to leverage on this. 

A day can not go without people checking on one of their social networking platforms, this made social purchasing possible.

The whole sales activity takes place on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest. The entire sales process is completed on the social network

As people spend more time on social networks and seek buying advice, the smart entrepreneur is looking to tap into social commerce.

Social commerce is good for a retailer that wants to make a huge change.

Smart entrepreneurs needs to start Social Commerce business and the advantages.

Social Media For Small Business and the benefits of social Commerce

1. User interaction and engagement

Social Commerce allowed user interaction and help companies find customers easily and also engage with them.

The takes companies to the front of the customers and provides an easy way to interact.

2. Trust

Social commerce help companies build trust with customers, if they can interact with the company, building trust comes easily as customers get to know about the company, have a conversation with representatives, get their questions answered, and discuss feedback. 

Customers easily build trust in a company when they can see feedback and recommendations from others.

3. Spreading

Social Commerce allows customers to spread the news about their purchase to others which give the brand more recognition. recommend the company’s products and services to their audience.

4. Reviews

Social Commerce allows the user to leave quick reviews and ratings of the company’s products. 

This helps the brand to build more trust and authority.

5. Community

Social Commerce help customers interact with others within the community. 

This can build a quick community around the brand.

6. Social Proof

Social proof builds trust in the company. When potential customers see reviews, feedback, ratings, positive comments, and discussions around the brand.

7. Trends

Social commerce can build trends and the trend are easily follow on social networks.

8. Marketing

Social commerce help drive sales with effective marketing techniques, which includes but limited to Sharing user’s posts, Celebrity endorsements, Promotions, Giveaways, Direct links to a shopping cart, Social media graphics, Video to show products, Informative posts, Voting on product choices Polls, Asking users to share photos and comments and more.

9. Demand

Social Commerce allows customers to know the demand for a product,  and know where they can buy it from even when It is difficult to find or they are in high demand.

10. It’s Where Customers live

Social media is flooded with potential buyers rather than trying to lure customers away from a social media platform to your website you can deal directly with customers on the social networks.

It also allows companies to find the target audience and makes it easier for them to find you, potential buyers will discover the company products.

11. It Makes Online Shopping a Social Experience

The joy you get when you are shopping on social media can make you want to shop more. 

Social Commerce adds social experience to the shopping experience.

12. Popularity

Social Commerce is becoming popular around the world. In 2020 alone, the global Social Commerce market was estimated to be $86.4 billion, and It’s projected to be $604.5 Billion by 2027.

 Smart entrepreneurs can tap into this social e-commerce to enjoy the money in it with others.

13. Convenient

Social Commerce offers convenience and this is one of its greatest strengths. 

It allows customers to research a product and purchase without having to leave their favourite platform, and without stopping them from what they were doing on that platform.

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