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Fitafaj lives where finance and investment reside, we are more than just a personal finance blog, we are a go to lifestyle platform for people who are willing to unveil the mystery of financial freedom.

We like to share stories, products and services, that can help our loyal fans earn cash, save money, build wealth through investment for them to live their dream lives.

Guidelines for sponsored posts: 

As we have already stated on our promised page, we care so much about our readers, therefore we want to work with brands that the tone of voice merges posts of this blog.

 The similarity in a voice we communicate value to our reads and it will increase the brand engagement.

When the need is, a sponsored post can be edited, suit the nature of the blog and for better conversion.

We are not giving you a guarantee on the numbers of click-throughs a sponsored post will get.

All outbound links on the sponsored posts will employ the rel=sponsored link attribute.

If you are comfortable working with us, and you want to continue, get in touch with us, through the email provided to begin a conversation. For more details regarding visitor stats and partnership packages, refer to our media kit.

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