Best Simple 8 Steps To Start A Dropshipping Business

How To Start A Dropshipping Business

E-commerce business involves keeping an inventory, having storage space and massive amounts of startup capital to start, an entrepreneur that doesn’t have all that it takes can not start an eCommerce business, thanks to a dropshipping business model which has simplified the eCommerce business entry. You can start a dropshipping business with easy and enjoy doing eCommerce.

The arrival of dropshipping allowed anyone interested in starting a product-based e-commerce business to start without having their physical inventory.

The dropshipping eCommerce business has gained popularity as one of the online business that can be started without much initial capital involved and it is a perfect business model to start an e-commerce business.

Dropshipping allows the management of physical businesses without a warehouse or full-time employees.

If you are looking for the best and perfect way to start your 21st-century eCommerce product-based business the solution is dropshipping.

What Is Dropshipping

It is a retail fulfilment method, where a store owner doesn’t keep any product it sells in its warehouse or space.

The store owner purchases the products it sells through a third party and allows the same third party, who sold the product to ship the product directly to its customers on her behalf.

The retailer is then a merchant who never sees or handles the products it sees.

Dropshipping make it possible to sell products without keeping inventory on hand and the best part of starting a dropshipping business is the fact that you don’t handle inventory, you only sell and find customers that will buy from your store.

With this eCommerce business model, you can tap into the growing online market without having plenty of initial investments.

The best Simple Way To Start A Dropshipping Business in 8 Steps

Start A Dropshipping Business

You don’t need all the months in a year to plan your dropshipping business, if you are serious about starting your own dropshipping business, with your determination and persistence it is possible to launch within a few days.

1. Choose a Niche.

The first thing you want to do is to select a niche, after all; you can’t be everything to all, what you want to sell depending on your interest.

Example of niches you can choose from includes fashion, beauty, health, electronics children and toys, games or household products.

Choose any niche you think you are comfortable with and as time goes on, you can expand to related niches but is good to stick with just a niche.

In our opinion, a niche is recommended, for instance, let say you want to enter into the fashion industry, you want that to be your niche, you can stick only to the fashion industry or still narrow it down the more.

When you select a specific niche for your dropshipping business it will help you focus on building the right audience with your brand.

2. Choose a Platform.

Numerous platforms can be used to dropship, sites like Amazon, Etsy or using your website to list your product is good and you can use multiple sites to expand your customer reach.

Shopify is recommended because it is a popular option when talking about dropshipping, the best part is that you can integrate your Shopify account with your website or a third party site from Etsy.

When you are just starting as a dropshipper Shopify has affordable plans for you with premium features like abandoned cart targeted marketing so that you can be successful in your new journey.

3. Choose a Product.

it is time to pick a specific product you want to sell, your niche will help you decide here, if you are going to fashion niche, choose what you are going to be selling.

Is it going to be men’s only, women dress or do you even want to go narrow like you want to sell a particular line of products, you can decide that?

A lot of products are within your niche, you can choose from, don’t get too weird, the goal is to start small and care for one audience at a time and as time goes on, you can expand your product lines, If you like.

4. Build Your Brand And Social Following.

It is better to build your brand than selling under another company’s brand, although it is not a bad idea to find established brands that allow dropshipping, the thing is, if you go with this, you may find it difficult to scale up your business because they normally charge a high percentage on each sale.

Build your brand and following on social networks, be consistent on the created social media as time goes on people will start noticing you and your brand.

If you can grow an email list, it will be an added advantage to market your products to potential buyers on the list.

Before building any following on social media check if your target market is present on the said social platform, connect with your audience and be authentic, this will help you grow faster.

5. Research Competitors.

Often, this step is mostly overlooked, to be successful in dropshipping business, you need to keep an eye on your competitors.

Figure out what your competitors are doing differently, do an in-depth analysis of about 10 of your competitors and capitalize on their weaknesses, and don’t also forget to hack their strength to your advantage.

6. Choose Suppliers.

Reliable suppliers are the key to your business success in dropshipping. Research suppliers to use, test and compare products.

If you can get a sample of the product from your suppliers before listing, it is better because you don’t want to sell a low-quality product to your customers and earn a bad review.

To get your suppliers, you can check sites like Alibaba or Oberlo.

7. List Your Items And Sell Them.

Now you have chosen a product, suppliers and also a platform, it is time to make your product go live online and start selling but there is still more you need to do.

Listing your products on Shopify, Esty, Jumia or any other platforms requires you to write a unique title, a detailed description of the products, decide on the selling prices and others. This is where the other hard work comes in as you will need to do all these by yourself to make your store unique from the competitors.

Dropshipping business can take up to a week or more before you make a sale, don’t get discouraged, it is just normal, you need to be patient and be determined during this trying time, it is not going to stay forever if you know what you are doing with your dropshipping business.

8. Scan Your Results And Learn How To Improve.

Listing your products doesn’t mean you are at the very end of the journey, in dropshipping, the demand, competitors and product offerings are always changing, you need to stay up to date and flow new trends as they unfold.

Keep learning about things that work and things that don’t work in the dropshipping business to stay up to date.

It requires continuous improvement, you must learn how to listen to your audience and provide what they need that is the best way to grow and have a successful dropshipping business.

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