Starting An ecommerce Business With Ease In 5 Simple Steps

How To Start An eCommerce Business

The Covid-19 has opened wider wings for smart entrepreneurs to make money with an e-commerce business, the rise of online sales is unstoppable and it will continue growing as technology may leave us with no choice but to let go of the traditional method of shopping, starting an ecommerce business may be the right for you to do at the moment as an entrepreneur, you need to go for it if it is your thing.

Many consumers are now aware of the importance of shopping online, this was greatly noticed during the pandemic.

The user, customer, buying and shopping experiences are making more shoppers trust online shopping, this is making eCommerce businesses get more discover in all the continent.

Despite the rapid increase in online stores, more online storefronts are needed to meet the growing consumer demand and this is giving room to entrepreneurs who are likely looking to start an eCommerce business a green light that eCommerce business is here to stay and there is money to be made if done properly.

Starting An eCommerce Business With These Steps

If you are interested in the eCommerce business, there are some things to put in place to enable you to have smooth business operations.

There are two ways to start an eCommerce business, you can build your business including the website from scratch or you stick with platforms like Shopify to start your eCommerce business journey.

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You can start with dropshipping or buy inventory, with the dropshipping model you don’t spend any money on inventory.  

Register a domain

An eCommerce store can’t be visible online without a URL ( and hosting, If you want total absolute control of your eCommerce website, you need to register a domain and hosting, if you must create an eCommerce business you will need these services.

Domain registrars, you can that are Bluehost, Namecheap, these two companies give you everything you need to have a full online presence.

There is no way you can bypass having a domain and hosting for your eCommerce business.

2. Choose a platform

There are several eCommerce platforms to chose from, many of these sites allow you to build your store without the need to start from scratch. Platforms like Shopify and …..

Have all you need in one place to start your eCommerce business, if you like to build your store from scratch then you can build it with WordPress using woo-commerce.

3. Customize your store

Since you have decided on the platform you want, it is time to start customizing your store to your need, upload a theme, plugins and design it until you have satisfied with the store.

4. Source for product

There are two ways to source for products to be sourced, you either go for directing sourcing or use third party suppliers, if you want to go for the third party then you are ready to do your eCommerce business in a dropshipping model, it is the best way to start eCommerce business because you have no inventory to keep.

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If you have the capital to get products to your store, it gives you higher profits than dropshipping. The downside is that if you are unable to sell those products, there will be a loss of capital. I will advise you to start with dropshipping, sites … can get you started on the right path to profitability.

5. Start selling

You want an eCommerce business because you want to sell something, now it is time to start selling.

You need to set up social media accounts for your brand and drive traffic that can be turned into customers. The created social networks should be channel into sales and keep repeating the process.

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