4 tips to save money on groceries and tricks to do it

4 tips to save money on groceries and tricks to do it

The money we spend on grocery is increasing on daily basis, what you buy in the market about a week ago, the price in the next two week might have gone higher, and you will be wondering what is happening, Nigeria is the best example for such, the price of groceries increases every day, as an individual or family there are tips to save money on groceries and tricks to do it is to have a plan.

No matter what the price of groceries and food cost, everyone needs to eat and the average family of three will spend nothing less than $400 every month.

We can’t do away with groceries and food but we can look for ways to save money on it as it is one of the expensive categories on an individual budget.

tips to save money on groceries and tricks to do it4 tips to save money on groceries and tricks to do it

Tips to save money on groceries and tricks to do it

Having a tight grocery budget will help you save some money and use the money on something else, here are some of our tips that can help you get more for less when shopping for your grocery.

  1. Start with a meal plan

Creating a weekly meal plan is very important, it is a smart way to save money on a budget and the reasons you need to create a plan are, the weekly plan will help you focus on groceries that matters to you and your family, a weekly plan will make sure you don’t spend much money.

Creating a meal plan is good as it helps you pen down groceries that your family willing to be needing during the week.

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After you have completed your grocery list, it is time to go with the list to the grocery store to shop for the items and while going you need to carry your menu plan. Be sure to stick to the list.

When you stick to the menu plan and coordinating the shopping list you have created will help you keep your grocery budget low.

  1. Use coupons to save money 

Coupons and savings app can help you buy groceries on a budget, there are a few easy and convenient ways to save more money on your groceries with coupons, if you are trying to save money on groceries take advantage of coupons by looking best places to get coupons on grocery items.

  1. Do your cooking at home 

Instead of buying cooked food every week, you will save a lot of money if you can do the cooking at home yourself, there is no other great way if you are looking to save money than preparing your food at home. The amount of money you can save by cooking from scratch is super great.

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I know it can seem overwhelming as some hate cooking from scratch and some can’t do without processed foods, eliminating your favourite processed foods and find a way to do them at home will help you save money than you can think.

It is good to learn how to cook from scratch as this is another great strategy to save money on groceries when buying on a budget. 

  1. Minimize Food Waste
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Wasting food will make you spend more on groceries, if you know to minimize food wastage you are on your way to saving money on a weekly or monthly basis.

There is a lot of cash going into the food you are throwing away, and this is not a good idea for saving money on groceries. Know how to curb food wastage.

Here are some great ideas on how to cut down on food waste

Have and Stick to a Menu Plan

The menu plan will make sure you are not buying much food and with less food in the house, you know how to cook so that the foods you have in store will get the family through the week.

Make a Plan for Using Leftovers

Make a plan over your leftover food, instead of wasting the leftover you can give it to your pet or put it inside the fridge and add it up with your next meal when preparing the same food. Repurposing leftover can also help you cut down food waste and make more creative with your meals


Saving money on groceries is another great way to be smart about money that why is it is necessary to know how money can be saved on foods items, you can do better and more creative on your meals when you know are on a budget with grocery, it’s possible to trim your grocery budget in ways that add up some cash into your pocket., try feeding your family by using a meal plan system that helps you save money.

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