Treasury Bills Investment In Nigeria: See How It works

Treasury bills investment

Treasury bills investment remains the best strategy to grow money in Nigeria, Investing In Treasury Bills in Nigeria, will earn the investor a good return of investment.

Treasury bills are short-term investments with one year or less maturity age, it is an investment backed by the Nigerian government, this makes it be risk-free investment anyone can try.

Treasury bills are under the control of financial institutions, they remain as one of the best liquid forms of money market instruments.

Who can invest in Treasury bills in Nigeria?

This investment opportunity is opened to individual investors, firms, institutions, and banks, which means virtually almost anyone can participate in this market.

How to Buy Treasury Bill in Nigeria

Treasury bills can be got through banks or stockbrokers firms, you are to meet certain requirements before you can be allowed to invest, personal information, the amount willing to invest, and the bid of the rate which is requested of you before you buy into treasury bill.

The duration of holding Treasury bills is very short, it can come between the first 91 days after investing, it can stay up to 182 days or 365 days before it matured.

If you are looking to invest For a very short term, a treasury bill is one of those investments to consider, the returns on investment depend on the amount out into the investment.

If you have a smaller amount, your return will be small as well, if you put in a big substantial amount, the Investment returns will also be attractive.

Treasury bills sales materialize on a bi-weekly basis, the announcement is normally through the Central Bank of Nigeria, (CBN). 

You can buy treasury bills from any official dealer websites or make use of their mobile applications.

Treasury bills are used to raise money for the federal government when money is needed by the government for a shorter period.

The funds have a  maturity period of 364 days, they are traded in the money market.

Some Benefits of Investing in the Nigerian Treasury Bills

It is a risk-free investment.

They are very liquid, meaning they can easily convert to cash

 No tax on interest earned.

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