How to turn your knowledge into money 1

How to turn your knowledge into money – free guide 1

Every one of us has something to offer, detecting what you have might be the problem why you have not started to turn your knowledge into money.

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Many people are brainy which means knowledge is stored in people’s brains, only the smart one is converting all this knowledge into money, which you also can join them, but first you need to know things that you are knowledgeable about.

Just like what we said earlier, you have some things to share with others, most times all these things come to us freely and we never see the need to monetize them.

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How do you know what you are knowledgeable about

  • Your success story
  • Your Skill
  • Your Certification
  • Your Experience

In this guide, we are going to be revealing to everyone how they can identify the knowledge they have and how to turn your knowledge into money.

1. Your success story

Success or victory story might be the answer, what are those challenges you have passed through and you were able to overcome, some people are also going through the same thing, this is a knowledge you possess that you can make money from, to turn your knowledge into money check the examples.

For example, your health status can be what is going to make you the money, let say you are infected with COVID-19 and you were able to cire yourself of the virus, then you can provide a service to people who need such service and get money from it.

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Another perfect example is a barren woman who eventually gave birth after so many years of waiting, can help other women on who she got pregnant and charge a fee for the knowledge she is passing.

2. Certifications

These days almost everyone has one or two certificates, the one you possess can make you money.

when you can’t secure a  government or private jobs with your degrees or training, looking deeply into what you can achieve with your certificates and knowing how you can turn your knowledge into money using the certificates you have will be the best option for you.

You can start a consultancy firm related to what you have certificates on. 

For example, someone who has a certificate on computer science can start an online freelance company.

3. Experience

Over the years what you have been doing, would have been part of you, many people gathered experience from their jobs, after holding a particular position for long, they become an expert in the field.

Use your experience to start making money today, if you have one.

4 skill

You must have learned a particular skill or more during your lifetime, these skills can be transfer to others and make money while doing so.

For example: someone who has a graphic or web design skill can transfer the knowledge to others who may be interested in the field.

Remember, knowledge does not convert into money without putting out some work, you need to convert your knowledge to work and work into money.

How to identify & break barriers that can limit you

  •  I am not an expert syndrome
  • I do not have any certificates
  • I hate speaking in public
  • Are people ready to listen to me
  • No one is going to be willing to pay me
  • I am not a technology person 

1. I am not an expert syndrome

Nobody was born as an expert, you need to start from somewhere, you don’t need to be afraid of the beginner stage, all those you are looking like an expert pass through this stage.

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2. I do not have certification

Sometimes you don’t need a certificate to speak on some particular topics, your experience and proven method are enough, dont allow certification to stop you.

3. Are people ready to listen

Yes, people are willing if you have the knowledge to share on a particular thing, some people need you. 

Stick with those who are ready, you can’t serve all the whole market, stay with your people.

4. Who will pay me

That knowledge you have can pay you, make sure you are providing a solution to a problem as long to have a solution to a problem, put it out, people will pay for it.

5. I am not a tech someone

Innovations brought technology to us, nobody was born with it, if others can do it then you can also do it.

Don’t allow this to be a barrier to your entry.

This is the first guide, the second one is coming soon, there we talk about how you can monetize your knowledge and make six-figure income through it.

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