How To Buy Uk Used phones In Nigeria Without Wasting Hard Earned Cash

Uk Used phones In Nigeria

Buying a smart new phone in this tight economy can come with a lot of headaches, the cost of surviving has greatly increased especially in some part of Africa, Nigeria being the leader with a very tight economy, people are looking for ways to reduce cost on smartphones by going for the UK used phones.

The prices of phones are not affordable for some set of people to buy and also those who have money are looking for ways to save some money on smartphone purchasing, that is why plenty of individuals are opt-in for Uk used phones.

These days we have companies that resell Uk used phones, just as we can find the same with clothes and other smart electronics like cars.

A phone that is old to you is new to another person and it could be a great way to let go of the old and pick another phone from a used phone company.

Buying a UK used phones is a great way to save money on a new one and a way to stay up to date with the trend in the phone industry which gives you all the features you may need in a smartphone, it gives you the chance to use the latest phone with latest features while also saving money.

Places to Buy UK Used Phones? 

There are many places to buy Uk used phones and several things you should consider before spending your money on Uk used phones.

1. Buy Directly From Individual Sellers

You can buy the used phone in many ways, offers can come anywhere, as a lot of people are looking to get a new latest phone they also look for a buyer to the one they have at hand, this makes buying directly possible, which may be very risky if you don’t know what to check the phone for any deficiency and when evidence of ownership can’t be verified.

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2. Retail UK Used Phones Company

Dealing directly with companies is duly registered under the law, will save you from stolen phones that can land you into big trouble, don’t buying from an individual that doesn’t have the receipt to the phone. Only work with a used phone company when you are buying.

When you deal directly with companies that are into direct selling of used phone, they would have done all the necessary paperwork for you, just get there buy from them and be rest assured that you are protected likewise your company can be refunded if anything goes wrong with the phone within the speculated given time.

How to Buy Uk Used Phone without wasting money

As people are looking to trade their used phone for the newest technology phones, this opens a bigger opportunity for another set of people looking to save some money and still bag a taste of the new technology in the phone industry while saving more. You need to know how you can buy a used phone, thinking about the type of used phone you want buying purchasing as we have two types of non-new phones, which are used or the Refurbished.

The Difference between Used Phone and Refurbished

Used phones: these are phones that have been sold to a particular consumer after been used for some time buy the first purchaser who buys it either directly from the manufacturing or the company’s distributor.

The phone traded out to buy the first user would be without no issue, this means the phone is in good working order.

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Refurbished phones: means a phone that has a fault and been fixed, it could be the hard drive, or the battery or any other components of the phone and something had to be fixed within the phone before it could work properly. This is labelled as a Refurbished phone.

What Are the Things To Know When Buying a Used Phone

When buying a used phone there must be thorough testing and checking before buying, we said it early that is it is better to go with a retail company that sells used phone because they would have the help you check and ascertain that the phone was not stolen and it is in good working condition.

Companies like Swappa and Gazelle make sure all phones are properly checked and before allowing them to go up on their sites for sale, you can work with or go for other trusted companies that sell the used phone but makes sure you read reviews about those brands before you buy from them, it is better than buying directly from an individual you can’t trust.

  1. Know the operating system that you want, is it going to be Android or iOS, the brand you want must be known, it is Apple, Samsung or another brand you are looking for. 
  2.  Features: What are the things you want on the phone, the camera, screen, Storage has to know and check.
  3. Condition for the phone: Do you want a phone without a scratch or don’t if it does, state the condition you want for the phone
  4. Carrier: state if you want it to be a phone that was originally from a particular carrier or not.
  5. Serial number: check the ESN or IMEI to avoid stolen embarrassment; you can pay to check online if the phone has been reported lost or stolen.
  6. Accessories: Ask if the phone is coming accessories or not.
  7. Compatibility: don’t buy a phone that won’t compatible with your country service provider. Check to know this.
  8.  Support: phones that are not updated regularly may be easy for hackers to access, ask to know if the phone is still supported with security updates. 
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Things to Check once You Have the Phone with You

  • Camera: Take some pictures
  • Speakers: Play songs with it
  • Call quality: Make a call before buying
  • Charging: Plug the phone to know if it charge

All these have to be checked to know if the phone has any fault, this will enable you to return the phone and have your money back to you or charge it for another.

Final thought

When buying a used phone the price is very important to cut cost on buying but that is not the only criteria for a successful purchasing, you need to follow everything in this article to have a cool and smooth deal that you can save money from. The idea is to help you save money, not to run into a bad deal that will waste your money.

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