How To Buy Used Car and Best Way To Save Money When Buying In Nigeria

How to buy a used car in Nigeria and 5 things to know

Owning a car is everyone dream,  buying a brand new car keep on skyrocketing and owning a buy a new car becomes an issue for the common man, to save you from the stress if have come to show you everything you need to know on how to buy a used car in Nigeria if you dont have money for the brand new car.

New cars are luxurious, shiny and smell nice, wow everybody wants it but they usually have a price tags that can make you think twice about life.

It is only the rich folks that have the money to buy new cars and you can see them buying in numbers.

Research has revealed that the price of new cars has gone up if you want to save money, it is better to go for a clean used car as this will save you a lot of money.

How to buy a used car in Nigeria

Getting a used car can be tricky as scam spread like wifi in the country, you don’t know who to the truth, now if you want to avoid getting duped you need to know How to buy a used car in Nigeria if you ever plan to get one.

Why buying a used car 

Without telling you, we all know the car is a depreciating asset, the longer car stays with you, the less it worth, with a used car, you can save money in a smart way than buying the new car.

When you are looking for a smart way to save money go for a used car it is a smart money move.

A new car depreciates the from the first year of buying, the worth part is that its losses up to 10% of its value within the first month.

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When you buy a used car, the first purchaser has paid the full price, you can buy the car from the owner when the price has been downgraded from the market.

Dont think you can only get a used car that the years have been long alone, recent models purchased by people are also getting sold.

All you need is the right information about the car, dont buy a stolen car and it must be in good condition.


The best time  to buy a used car

Just like the way new cars are released, used cars are also getting to the market throughout the year

Car owners are looking to sell off and get another car, this makes the used car market to be ever-increasing. 

Getting a better deal come in time, it is not possible to land deal at all times, spotting and knowing the session to buy will help you save money when trying to buy a used car.

when dealerships host big sales events for new models that usually benefit used car shoppers as they let go of used cars.

The good time to shop for a used car is around September and October of every year. 

During this period people are looking to let go of their old cars and bring in new ones.

The end of a month or the end of a quarter is also a good time to strike a deal for a used car, during this period car owners tend to need money for a new car.

It is advisable not to shop for a car when there’s an influx of customers for the same car.

Where to shop for a used car and Places to avoid

If you don’t want to regret buying a used car, there are places good for you to shop from and there are also places to avoid.

One of the best places to buy a used car is through franchised car dealerships, their used vehicles usually come with warranty and duly inspected before putting up for sales.

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If you want to buy from independent car dealerships, it is not bad but most If the time it may be difficult to know the state of the car which may result in spending more money on maintenance needs.

Buying directly from a private party can be risky as most of these car owners don’t sell out cars when it is in good condition, a major reason why some sell cars is that it is giving them a problem, be careful to buy.

Sometimes they sell at a higher price, you must know how to negotiate very well if you are considering buying directly from the private party.

You can also buy your used car online, trusted sites like Autotrader, Beta car, Cars45, auctionexport and Edmunds can make it possible for you.

Things to know when buying a used car

We have talked about how, when and where to buy a used car but this is not all, cracking how to vet a used car matters a lot. 

We have some few tips for you, this will serve as a guide when trying to make a good choice.

  1. Buy  a vehicle that fits your needs

Getting a just a car is not the deal but get something that fits your need is the real deal,  it doesn’t worth full of regret after getting a used car if you know that a car with two doors will save the purpose you need it for don’t hesitate to go for it.

Test the interior and exterior of the car if it fits in for what you need. Check everything before going for your final decision.

2. Check the money you have 

The money you have will greatly determine the type of used car you are buying.

The age of the car determine how cheap it is going to be and this is also telling you how often you need to be visiting the car repair.

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Don’t go for something you can’t handle. You must strike a balance between the age of the car, the number of miles and the price you’re willing to pay, Get a better-used car.

3. Research to know if the Price is Right for the car

Researching the value of a car is very important as this will help save money that just paying amount given to you by the sales manager,ddoesn’tn’acacceptsept a sales price easily, make a research to know if the car worth the money you are paying for.

4. Know about the History of the Car

The exterior part of a car can be deceiving sometimes, try to know the history of the used car you are buying.

If you are buying from a private party about things you want to know about the car even after making your research. 

Sometimes you will need to purchase the report if you’re buying from a private seller, but most car dealerships will give you the history report for free.

5. Test Drive the car

Don’t just buy a car without going for long trip test driving, this will help you get to know if you have one or two issues and always bring a mechanic along with you.

Without much knowledge about cars, you should be able to test and identify something in the car, check the radio, the light, look at the tires and see how old they are.

Let your mechanic inspect with you when buying a used car, especially when purchasing from a private seller.


Buying a used car can be stressful but when you know the ins and outs you become a champion in a making a purchase, we have revealed everything you need to know on how to buy a used car in Nigeria anytime.

In case we have missed any valid points and you want to give us the idea, comment down below.

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