6 ways to make money as a teenager in Nigeria

Ways to make money as a teenager in Nigeria

A teenager should know how to start making money because they also have bills to pay if your parents give you everything, time is coming when you have to pay back, it should be what you have prepared for, earning money as a teenager is good.

Ways to make money as a teenager in Nigeria

Nothing gives joy than making money yourself as a teenager, you should not be overly dependent on your parents and even though you do, remember to prepare for days they will also depend on you. The fact remains that money made by parents is not enough anymore to canter for all family needs.

You need to step up your games and make money back to the house, there are different opportunities out there for teenagers to make money from, some of these are what we are going to be discussing to you so that you can know what to venture into.

What adults can do over the Internet, teenagers can also do it even better than the adults, this why kids now have more advantages to earn money online easily these days.

As a teenager, if you are dedicated to making money online you can build a great future for yourself through investments.

The amount of money teenager can make online is endless, as a Nigerian teenager, you can make up to $100 a day when you possessed some skills.

Going to school shouldn’t be your excuse for not making money online, we are not saying schooling is bad but after graduating what are you looking for, (money), some of us has regretted graduating before looking for money, do you know why white-collar jobs are scarce to find these days.

If you are making money before graduating from school you are the boss, no one will be ordering you all around for a penny.

Online business is the easiest entry mode for a teenager to start making money, and soon we are going to be revealing the best online businesses that are good for you.

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The opportunity to make money as a teen are numerous, you can start a part-time job or become a full online entrepreneur, there are lots of ways to make money as a teenager.

This article will show you how to make money as a teenager in Nigeria, the information we are going to provide here is only for teenagers who want to make online.

Here are some of the best and simplest possibilities to get started.


Surveys are doubting, even adults believed it is not a good income-generating idea because there are some of these sites, who will make you work for them and at the end of the month you are not going to be paid.

Don’t seat on it too long, there are lots of legit survey companies who pay, companies like Junkie pays and you can even start cashing out at $5.

People like them because they have a Trustpilot score of 4.5/5, lots of teens and adult-use them a lot.

The money you are going to be making may not be much but at least it is better than nothing, in your free times, we write about them is that they accept teenager.

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To make the most money with surveys, engage in two or more task in a day and you are going to be on your way making decent significant amount on a daily.

Another company that is good for teenagers Swagbucks, this platform works in Nigeria too.

You will earn with Swagbucks by accomplishing activities like searching the Internet, playing games, watching videos, and when you do your online shopping through the company.

You are expected to be at 13 before you can sign up for Swagbucks.

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International teenagers are rocking the YouTube space nowadays, we have many of them who have a successful YouTube channel. 

As a teenager, if you like talking to the camera YouTube will be the best way to start making money online for you.

You can join other successful teenagers who are giving us what they know through Youtube.

Creating a Youtube channel is not hard to do, you should be able to do it yourself and if you can’t contact us we are going to help you.

The most important thing is to first figure out the profitable niche you want to Vlog about.

You can make money through ads and affiliate, once you reach some certain subscribers with some views.


Businesses and people need help, you need to learn a skill they do not have and they are ready to pay, once you can deliver.

As a teenager, you can get a skill to help your school, family and friends, present yourself as a professional who can handle the task and you are going to get paid for your services.

We have listed out some of the skills you can learn easily:

  • Writing/copywriting
  • Digital marketing
  • Programming
  • Graphic design
  • Proofreading
  • Bookkeeping
  • Video Social media management

Once you acquire any of these skills, apply for jobs with local businesses to see if they need you.

You can also find a client on social media like Instagram, Twitter and the likes.

You can also go for the freelance marketplace to search for client’s who are ready to work with you.

 Fiverr allow account opening at age 13, you can sign up with them and sell your freelance services for $5 or more.


In our own opinion, blogging is the best online business for teenagers though it takes time before making but It worth the sacrifice.

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Blogging is not for every teen though but a teenager who has a passion for a topic, and love writing, should teach people what they know and that can earn them money.

Blogging is a passive income generating idea for teenagers who are ready to put in some work, a blog can be monetized with ads, affiliate links, and sponsored posts.


This will only work for teenagers who love playing video games, If this what you enjoy doing, you can earn money with it.

If you are good at video games, some set of teenagers like you may be interested in watching videos or a live stream of you playing, some platforms allow you to earn as you so what you enjoy doing.

Try to go with Twitch, Youtube and Mixer, as you can partner with them also accept donations.

Remember, it may take time before building a sizeable audience, have fun while playing video games and wait for the money to start rolling in.


You may think Podcast is not for teenagers, don’t be deceived starting a podcast is a good idea for you if you love to talk about a topic of interest without showing your face.

Podcasts are trending now as more people listening every day and some of the best place a teenager can get an idea is through campus, you can launch your podcast.


There are more options for teenagers to start making money online and no limit to the money you can earn as a teen.

As a teenager you can make money legitimately in Nigeria, all it required is to get started and be consistent, you can earn 100 dollars or more in a day.

Remember, you can’t make a deem if you not are consistent and provide value to the need of the public.

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